K-actress Han Groo Looks Radiant as She Marries Her Longtime Boyfriend

Any drama I rated 8 or higher on the objective quality scale second number is a drama I would recommend for whatever genre it falls under. I think that about sums it up. HK cops procedural combined perfectly with Korean melo-angst. Outstanding acting by everyone involved. The single best ending to a drama I have ever watched. It gives you everything you want, and then some more. Breathtaking cinematography, lyrical soundtrack, and the introduction of Team Park Kyu to the world. Deserving of every accolade and recommendation. A romantic comedy where being unmarried and nearly on-the-shelf is not sugar-coated, but the possibility of romance is still heart-thumpingly good.

Lee Jong Seok Gets on the Fuller Longer Hair Trend at Taiwan Fan Meeting – A Koala’s Playground

Well this news came totally out of the blue. K-actress Kang Sora is getting married! Her agency released the news this week that the 30 year old actress will be tying the knot at the end of the month, August 29th to be exact.

her honeymoon to pick an acting project to continue her career development, hopefully with a drama even better than Marriage Not Dating.

Tiffany of course had the long very high profile young kids in love relationship with Ethan Ruan that everyone was happy she finally walked away from because that boy may be a good actor but was a terrible boyfriend. Three years ago Tiffany was captured by paparazzi out with very tall model turned director Liu You Nian and the two dated happily around Taipei before the intrepid media broke the news in December that the couple registered their marriage.

Recently the two were seen wearing the same wedding bands on their wedding ring finger, and further Tiffany is performing in a live stage show in Taipei this month where Liu You Nian and his parents were seen attending on opening night. Oh lovebirds, just openly accept it and let us be openly happy for you! Well this news came totally out of the blue.

K-actress Kang Sora is getting married! This the most entertaining C-ent news story of the week, probably of the month for me for how embarrassing it must be for the rich men involved and the ladies unable to deny the exact same pictures. Okay this is kinda hilarious and turns TW-singer Wilber Pan and his recent marriage into a further newsworthy story of their own making. A slow start to the dog days of August got something unexpected with a breakup news. Dating former drama costars Kim Bora and Jo Byung Kyu confirmed via their agencies that the couple has broken up.

Man, even writing this article feels so fraught with landmines, I guess the old fashion idea of cheating still feels like it deserves some biblical punishment of sorts. Or not, leave it up to the people involved. There has been countless low key wedding announcements and also divorces in the last 5 months of COVID

K-ent News Program Reports that Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young Plan on Getting Married Soon

K-Drama-Krazies 6 Page 9 Share. Posted: 5 years ago. Originally posted by -sanika- heartstrings secret garden personal preference marriage not dating reply reply lets eat emergency couple my ps partner. Anyone here watching Hi!

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New year yet same old dating rumor to start things off on the second weekend. K-stars Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi were swept up in a wedding rumor today and both stars mutual agency has released an official response denying the rumor. An anonymous post claiming by an employee of Shilla Hotel saying that Gong Yoo reserved the famed venue for an upcoming wedding and the bride was to be Jung Yumi.

Gong Yoo has had two major dating rumors in the last two decades, the first was with Im Soo Jung for the first half of his career and the second half has been dating rumors with Jung Yumi, who he has worked with twice in The Crucible and most recently in Train to Busan. Song Joon ki and Song Hye Kyo did the same thing, they denied dating then surprise they announced a wedding. Not calling him old but Gong Yoo is already at an age that if he plans to marry he would. In my opinion, SongSong did the right thing..

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 8 Recap

With news breaking after the drama wrapped last week that the two have been dating for three years already, and that Park Seo Joon recommended Park Min Young for the drama, fans of the show got excited until both agencies denied the dating report. This week the a big network entertainment news program reporter went on air to state that not only are the two dating, the rumors swirling among the entertainment reporters were that the couple was going to get married after Why Secretary Kim finished, much like the Song-Song couple after Descendants of the Sun.

The reporter stated that it was well known in the industry that the Park-Park couple are dating, and worries about the blowback on the couple now if they admit to dating after vigorously denying last week. Just lol park seo joon will lose so many CF if he getting married soon.

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Marriage not dating ep 3 eng sub

As America celebrates Independence Day, Korean entertainment will now celebrate what is arguably the biggest reel-to-real romance happy ending of the Hallyu era. Mega hit K-drama Descendants of the Sun costars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo , following on a week of entertainment news and tabloids reporting on their reported Bali vacation together, have confirmed through their agencies that they are getting married.

Yes, you heard that right, the Song-Song couple are not only really dating they have set a wedding date! The nuptials will be on October 31 making them a likely swoony romantic bookend to the great K-ent wedding bonanza of which kicked off with Rain and Kim Tae Hee heading down the aisle.

She announced it on her SNS on lunar new year’s eve that she was now Mrs. Chen, and honestly I didn’t even know they were dating or had.

I found Marriage Not Dating good when it was funny and then thoroughly draggy the rest of the way. Maybe better acting and a better role will convince me otherwise. Same with me too. I tried to watch all episode. Instead I just watch those cuts and skimmed through pictures… Nothing wrong to drool over Jung Jin Woon body. I am glad to see han groo getting some love.

She has good comedic timing. I want her in another action project! She was kickass in Girl K and proved that she had both the physique and intensity. Unlike others i find she has a good body! Yeap…super talented and she seems to have a healthy body weight, as well. At least she had it in MND and in comparison to other young and older, smtimes!

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The two smile at each other. Mom is cleaning the fridge. When she thinks back to the outburst Gi Tae had regarding Jang Mi, her frustration just grows. She rushes out into the living room to find Gi Tae and Yeo Reum cuddling on the couch. Awww and LOL. Before he left, Gi Tae made sure that Jang Mi was covered in her blanket.

[HanCinema’s News] Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin Again Dogged by Dating and Marriage Rumors. HanCinema | [HanCinema’s News] Hyun Bin and Son.

To say she declined is likely the diplomatic way to save face, the unofficial reason is that MBC basically rescinded the offer on her and is looking for a bigger name female lead. Casting ups and downs appear to be the norm these days, and MBC has been mired in one casting problem after another, having just secured the leads for the Hong sisters drama Feeling Good and Warm , which will air before Night Scholar. I really loved her in Marriage Not Dating.

I agree with the k public on this one. If Lee Junki takes the lead, he should be matched with someone of his caliber. For all we know, she really did decline the drama. SO agree! I hope this tanks big time, it would serve them right for casting by fanservice rather than talent. Plus all the rumors that they dated back then but broke up nicely so are still chill with each other.

Han Groo Announces Upcoming Wedding to Non-entertainment Industry Boyfriend

Nothing much needs to be said other than a big fat congratulations to K-actress Han Groo on tying the knot! After announcing her engagement two months ago, this past weekend Han Groo got married in Seoul to her very handsome non-entertainment industry boyfriend. The couple also shot an engagement pictorial for Grazia in what appears to be a tropical setting, with the couple oozing love under the soft romantic sunlight filter.

I wish her all the best in marriage and to come back from her honeymoon to pick an acting project to continue her career development, hopefully with a drama even better than Marriage Not Dating. I hope she will be a good mom, instead of pursuing acting career. I did like her in MND, but only that.

Disimpan dari El 26 de diciembre, “I Am Not a Robot” de MBC reveló nuevas imágenes detrás de cámaras de la romántica escena de​.

I often get asked to recommend dramas but its so hard to gauge what others like or are in the mood for, whereas I watch what floats my boat sometimes in line with the consensus on quality and other times personally enjoying admittedly crappy dramas. I think TV Report is on a poll roll since it recently did a survey of the industry veterans on the most bankable actors and actresses this year.

Did your favorites make the list? Any drama not worthy to be mentioned here, or a hidden gem egregiously overlooked? If we listen to Sun Jae, he has us convinced he understands Hye Won better than she does herself. We have a hard time reading Hye Won since she communicates so little of her schemes and thoughts.

Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil Deny Dating and Wedding Rumors, Dispatch Confirms it is Not True

Now that my recap slate has freed up, I can finally turn my attention to something new. I was planning to just weigh in on the show once in a while when I had the time, but LollyPip has graciously offered to tag-team the recaps with me, so that tipped the scales. Thank her in the next recap!

They have not alone share recaps bring that even notice and Seah and head shape. and Jang Mis exs comic mannerisms exactly how they fall for koalas playground. This time of a puzzled look on screen instead of marriage, Not Dating.

Though playful kiss received low ratings in he is devastated when he finds out ha-ni is dating seung-jo, but does not give up on her until he 13 marriage. Watch marriage not dating episode 13 tv series marriage not dating with subtitle in english the following marriage not dating episode 13 english sub has. Sub men in black box ep Marriage not dating ep 1 eng sub got a youtube accountlol i wanted to do the same for koalas playground marriage without dating eng sub ep Episode 13 premium episode 12 the extended cast for marriage not dating includes yeon woo jin as kong ki i normally fast forward sub plots, but not this drama.

Han Sun Hwa Main Cast. Yeon Woo Jin Main Cast. Han Groo Main Cast. Cast – Marriage, Not Dating. Jeong Jinwoon Main Cast.

Athletic Han Groo for Nylon Magazine and Considering Romancing the Scholar Who Walks the Night

Okay, hearing this story makes me want to punch Katsuji Ryo in the face, like he legit has an asshole punchable face. J-ent reported in June that married for two years star couple AKB idol-turned-actress Maeda Atsuko and kabuki actor Katsuji Ryo were on the outs as in June he had moved out of their shared marital residence. Good riddance but oh boy I feel bad for their little baby.

/03/24 – 01 06 – Marriage, not Dating End of Filming Celebration. – Marriage, not Dating End of Filming.

This one lasted for a year but oh what an underwhelming relationship it was to cover from a media standpoint. News reports coming out today are saying that K-stars Hyun Bin and Kang Sora have broken up, and their respective agencies followed swiftly with confirmation of the relationship end. Why do celebrities continue dating each other? The odds of it working are almost zero.. You really limit your self to find someone special by dating like this not to say wasting time disallusionment and emotional damage thinking that your partner is like everyone else in the world.

Dont do it guys its not a real relationship with a real stable mature person. Find someone you can grow with not stagnate with.

Marriage, Not Dating – Drama-free Adorableness