Ron and hermione dating in real life

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The Real-Life Couples Of Harry Potter Cast Revealed

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of us who thought Harry and Hermione were going to get together and yet more terrible than the real Hermione: she swayed, cackling.

Suddenly, there emerged a new generation of young witches and wizards, all eager to be like the characters they saw on-screen. For those who were a bit older watching the movies, many wondered if the actors who portrayed their favorite characters were friends or even more IRL. In the movies, both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, who play Harry and Hermione, have the best friendship that’s basically hashtag-goals for anyone who watched.

Every girl wanted that same big-hearted, brave male best friend, while every guy likely wished he could have someone as wise and confident as Hermione in his life. Fans would think that these two would be the closest of any of the actors, considering how much on-screen time they had together. They’re close and are friends, yes, but not in the talk-everyday, know-each-other’s-thoughts-way that Harry and Hermione were. However, the cast does admit that when they first began working together, they all got along great.

The three were a dynamic duo and forged a friendship from the first time they took the film stage together, and their friendship continues to this day, although they’re not best friends like they were in the movies. In interviews, Radcliffe has discussed his friendship with his former co-stars. The group shares a WhatsApp chat , as it was revealed in an interview, through which they all keep in contact with each other.

Who is hermione dating in real life

What if Harry Potter We all know that Harry Potter married Ginny Weasley but what if he and Hermione Granger had ended up together at the end of the series instead? Would it be different?. But what if Harry and Hermione had been together in the end? Add to Chrome.

It’s been nine years since the last Harry Potter movie came out in theaters. Harry Potter cast members reunited at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Bonnie Wright got together with her onscreen love interest, Daniel.

Emma Watson has a new boyfriend, firmly crushing Harry Potter fans’ dreams of a Tom Felton romance, but who else has she dated? Who are her exes? Here’s everything you need to know. Emma Watson and Tom Felton drove Harry Potter fans wild in when the Hermione Granger actress shared a photo taken by her former co-star during a road trip together.

And months later the pair faced those rumours once more, after Tom posted a picture of him teaching Emma guitar as they relaxed in their pyjamas. However, on 24 October Emma quashed any signs she and her former co-star were boyfriend and girlfriend when she was papped kissing a mystery man, now identified as Leo Robinton following a lunch date in London. In pictures obtained by Mail Online, the 29 year old looked super happy as she and her new beau walked around the shops.

While it’s highly likely Tom and Emma are simply very close friends, Harry Potter fans were all rooting for a relationship between these two stars. Now that Emma is seemingly in a brand new relationship, it’s clear these two have been best pals the entire time. Congrats dear friend.

Here’s What 29 Actors From Harry Potter Are Doing Now

Over the past 20 years, Harry Potter fans have disagreed about, well, everything, but one of the most constant, consistent arguments is over the romantic pairings. While I try not to get too caught up in whether or not Neville and Luna should have ended up together in the end, I am a firm believer Hermione should have ended up with Harry , and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Everyone from J. Rowling to Emma Watson agree: Ron and Hermione’s happily ever after was one of the series’ greatest mistakes.

Emma Watson Tom Felton Dating Rumors Harry Potter Hermione But in real life, quite a lot of fans are convinced this is really happening.

The much-loved actor has dispelled rumours he is shacked up with his former co-star by joining the dating app. The year-old is said to have joined the Raya app – which has become insanely popular with celebrities – in a bid to find love after being linked to the Hermione Granger actress. According to reports from The Sun, Tom is on a steady quest to find the one through online dating. They added that with his notorioty,it’s difficult for him to find a girl who wants to be with him for who he is, rather than what he’s starred in or the amount of money in his bank account.

This dating revelation comes after Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint revealed cast mates Emma and Tom were more than just friends, last year. Rupert, who played Ron Weasley in the magical franchise, said there was “romance” between Emma, who played Hermione Granger, and Tom, who played Draco Malfoy. The cast worked together for ten years as they worked on the eight films, beginning in their early teens.

There’s Photo Evidence Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy Are Dating in Real Life

And then there were the Dramione shippers. For real. People who thought the heroic and brilliant Hermione Grander should have gotten together with the horrid, sniveling, self-important racist Draco Malfoy. But in real life, quite a lot of fans are convinced this is really happening. The outlet reports the two are simply very good friends and in no way dating.

Ron and hermione dating in real life. In fact, they have all Here are the real-life love stories of the Harry Potter cast. As the dark horse of the.

In fact, they have all grown up and are longer the children at all. Many of them have started dating, getting married, and even having children! Although the real found love at school, the actors and actresses who played them found it in real life. Here are the real-life love stories of the Harry Potter cast. As the dark horse of the franchise, Ginny started off as a relatively small character, before blossoming into a heroine in The Life of Secrets.

Yuh-huh, Bonnie found the magic in the arms of Jamie Campbell Bower, who starred as the young Grindelwald in the first Deathly Hallows movie. The pair unfortunately called off their wedding in. Although Potterheads know Alfred Enoch for his invaluable role in the Real-life Potter franchise, he is now known across the pond for a hermione larger role that has shot him to stardom. It seems this role has dating been life-changing in other ways, as he is rumored to be dating his co-star, Aja Naomi King.

What if Harry Potter and Hermione Granger ended up together instead?

The two are making nice on social media, poking good fun at their rancorous past and driving fans into fits of nostalgia, never mind that the actors are pretty far removed from the franchise by now. And Malfoy? Well, it was telling he was almost always referred to by his last name and rarely by his first, Draco. However, the days of conflict are long since past, except for the good-natured social media scuffle.

When the world saw the first of the Harry Potter movies, a true kind of magic both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, who play Harry and Hermione, took the film stage together, and their friendship continues to this day.

Hogwarts’ magic has gone beyond the big screen to touch the lives of the beloved actors in the Harry Potter saga. Although we would like to believe that the couples we see in the movies are real, offscreen, most of the stars have entirely different partners. Are you curious about the real pairs of our favorite actors? Then this is your lucky day because that is precisely what we will reveal in the article below. Despite his busy agenda fighting Voldemort and his lack of experience in romances, the star of the films managed to win the heart of the talented witch to the point that she eventually became his wife.

In real life, Daniel Redcliffe is not that different from his character. However, the actress who truly enchanted his heart was Erin Darke.

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Subscriber Account active since. The “Harry Potter” book series, by controversial author J. Rowling , inspired eight successful films filled with talented actors of all ages. It has been almost 19 years since “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” premiered in theaters and nine years since the final installment, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2,” was released. Daniel Radcliffe is best known for playing Harry Potter, the titular character of the series, who learns on his 11th birthday that he is a wizard.

In between filming the “Harry Potter” series, Radcliffe appeared in a few movies, including “December Boys”

emma-tom-harry-potterpng. There’s Photo Evidence Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy Are Dating in Real Life. By Gina.

We’ve had the TV re-runs, visits to Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio, the books and all the actors’ subsequent career endeavours to fill the void, of course, but what truly makes up for the lack of magic in our lives is when the cast members reunite. Scroll down for all the times the cast have made post- Harry Potter memories demonstrating that just like JK Rowling wrote, ‘Hogwarts is always there to welcome you home’.

Sharing lockdown life. Try it. During the clip, the year-old star filmed himself from his Californian home that he lives in with his dog Willow. Amidst her hectic Little Women promotional duties, Watson reunited with her Harry Potter alumni get together for pre-Christmas fun. Thanks ricomiccon for a lovely weekend and a chance to catch up with these jokers! Quick learner x. The friends recently spent some time together in South Africa, where they chilled on the beach before changing into pyjamas so Felton could teach Watson guitar.

The Weasleys put aside their differences with the Malfoys for this reunion picture taken in Orlando, Florida in June. Congrats dear friend. These two just love a day at the beach. In November , Watson shared this cute picture and a video of the two of them skate boarding.

Real Life Couples of Harry Potter