virgo and aquarius Love Compatibility

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Virgo and Aquarius: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

Ok,this explains alot And why do they always break my heart? They break your heart because they are perfectionists, who are hard on others, but never as hard as they are on themselves. The key to winning a Virgo’s heart is to help them be kinder to themselves, and accept their own flaws. If you can do this, they will love your forever. It will melt them.

Sagittarius; Scorpio; Cancer; Taurus; Capricorn; Gemini; Pisces; Aquarius; Aries* i am a Virgo man and I am not interested about marriage or dating, NEVER.

Virgo and Aquarius both are the most independent of all zodiac. So within those character, how would Virgo and Aquarius in the boat of love turn out? Nothing is impossible, so does Virgo and Aquarius being together. However, it would not be easy for them both because each other might trying to become dominant with their selfishness. Read: Virgo Traits and Characteristics. How to make a Virgo and Aquarius relationship work? Luckily Virgo and Aquarius are such a great speaker when there is a discussion forum.

They can take benefit from this to deepen their love. Create your own discussion! Maybe some talks about future plan? Virgo and Aquarius, both are thinker. They often overthink every stuff only to get their energy consumed. That is why in a relationship each need to help one to listen what is on their mind especially Aquarius that love to listen others. Ways problem for a thinker, one of the great one is their thought could gone wild and turns into time-bomb.

Virgo and Aquarius Sexual Compatability

Dating is complicated, and we sure do know it. It can be hard to scan for red flags, gauge your chemistry, and get to know someone on an authentic level all at once. But there’s a little cosmic trick to gaining insight into the fate of connection with someone new, and that’s by looking the astrological love compatibility between you two.

Finding out which zodiac signs are the most compatible in love is definitely a must, but knowing the most incompatible zodiac signs for you is perhaps even more useful, as it can help you to avoid wasting your time on someone who will eventually press your buttons, grind your gears, and drive you up the wall.

Their ultimate motivations are similar, and that is for other people to be happy and treated well. Romantic and Dating Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius. Virgo is a.

One of the methods for determining whether signs are compatible with each other is to look at their geometric relationship on the wheel of the zodiac. These geometric relationships are known as major aspects. There are some major aspects between signs that are harmonious and some that are stressful. There are also signs that do not have any major aspect at all. While stressful relationships can cause volatility between signs, they are are still a connection. Signs with no major aspects between them have a difficult time forming any relationship at all.

This is the situation between a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman. A Virgo man and an Aquarius woman do not have much in common, and it will be hard for them to understand each other at all. The one thing that they do have in common, however, is intellectual curiosity. They are both interested in those that are different from themselves. This may be what brings them together. With a lot of communication and hard work, this may be enough to sustain a relationship over time.

16 Reasons The Virgo + Aquarius Duo Is The Best Zodiac Couple There Is

If you have fallen for an Aquarius, you intuitively want to be influenced by a personality very different from your own. Aquarius are quirky, untraditional, quixotic, idiosyncratic, curious, unconventional, forgetful at times , and coolly objective. You are traditional, careful, thoughtful, detailed, curious, cautious, productive, and coolly objective.

Aquarius dating virgo – Rich man looking for older man & younger man. I’m laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself.

Virgo and Aquarius are cool characters with lots of quirks. They’re arguably the most particular signs of the zodiac. Both are matter-of-fact about themselves, though that doesn’t mean there isn’t much to discover. If there’s a civilized beginning and other chemistry in the birth chart , you could have a winner. A big difference shows up, however, when they’re deciding what to do together. Virgo likes to cast ahead and imagine where they’ll park, how far they’ll walk, and so on. Airy Aquarians like to do things on the fly and change plans if the winds shift.

Does Virgo get into a funk when Aquarius has a sudden urge to blow off the reservations? Does Aquarius’ erratic behavior bring out the dark side of Virgo? Does the rigid perfectionism of Virgo bring out the destructively rebellious dark side of Aquarius? That’s where any trouble begins, with the Waterbearer restless to scramble the usual groove with amazingly novel experiences. Virgos are planner and so sensitive to their physical environment. The nervous side of Virgos comes out when they’re pushed beyond their comfort zone.

Aquarius And Virgo: Love, Sex And Relationship Compatibility

The Virgo woman is after some new experiences and contacts in year The Virgo woman might be looking to get out into new settings and meet new people. The Virgo woman’s desire for spiritual connections might feel at odds with the Aquarius man’s focus on guilt and past mistakes.

Virgos like you make patient and attentive lovers. Your focus on Cancer. Leo. Virgo. Libra. Scorpio. Sagittarius. Capricorn. Aquarius. Pisces.

According to their mythological archetypes, Virgo and Aquarius compatibility should be strong, because both types seek to change the future, Virgo through healing and helping others, Aquarius through enlightening mankind about progressive changes to make. In real life, however, compatibility between these two zodiac signs is not always that straightforward. Both partners in this relationship are united in their intellectual abilities, and their love of ideas and concepts.

However, both signs are also emotionally cool and lacking in passion. For both Virgo and Aquarius, compatibility is best with a sign which can offer some warmth and sensuality to the match — in this couple, there could be altogether too much talking and nowhere near enough ardour. Sexual incompatibility is not the only problem for this budding partnership, either.

Aquarius and Virgo compatibility is a case of a near miss, rather than a happily ever after. Virgo is quite a conformist at heart, and rebels only quietly with an interest in alternative lifestyles. Virgo and Aquarius compatibility faces some rough times while this couple works out which kind of lifestyle they want to adopt. He or she needs to be free to change his or her mind on a whim, or to spontaneously decide on a course of action.

This is alien to methodical Virgo, who likes to have not only a Plan A, but plans B and C as back up.

Aquarius Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Virgos like you make patient and attentive lovers. This might be frustrating for someone just looking for a quickie, but your overall focus on their preferences and almost scientific knowledge of their pleasure spots makes Virgos sought-after lovers. The trick is letting yourself go enough to enjoy yourself in turn — not everything has to be neat and perfect. Remember, sometimes sex is more fun when it’s new and spontaneous! Look out for this hot number!

Aries will literally sweep you off your feet before you know what happened.

Guide to the aquarius man and virgo female love compatibility the only hope for virgo. Astrological compatibility is fix and opposite ways of a one-woman man.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting how these two survive each other’s differences. Virgos are known for their systematic and orderly ways, while Aquarius can be a little unpredictable. They will do as they please and expect everyone around them to respect that. Virgo, on the other hand, loves to put a leash around their loved ones. They are so critical that they will constantly get a degrees point view of their partner’s every move, and insensitively criticize every single mistake they make, which Aquarius furiously disapproves of.

However, do not get Aquarians wrong, they too are devoted lovers. They simply need to explore their individuality in order to feel happy in the relationship. The success of their relationship starts with the respect their partner gives, not only with their love for freedom, but also with their points of view. They want someone who can be their comrade in arms, and someone who shares nearly the same opinions and ideas as theirs.